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Hypnosis Therapy


Hypnosis is familiar to you. You experience it in your every day life.

Reading a good book, playing video games, or being caught up in a suspense thriller, oblivious to your surroundings, or the fact that others are calling your name, are examples of every-day states of hypnosis.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You are in control at all times. It’s you relaxing physically, and mentally. As a client, “being hypnotized” is you allowing your body, and mind to relax, giving access to the subconscious mind, where we operate from automatically, without thinking much of the time.

Hypnosis is a very pleasant, relaxing state to be in. It is a state that is just above sleep that we go through naturally at least twice a day when falling off to sleep and waking up..

Under hypnosis you cannot be influenced to do things that are against your morals or values.

Hypnosis is a partnership between you and the therapist, who is acting as a guide. Guided Imagery is really what hypnosis is, just as reading a book or listening to the radio while creating the scenes in your mind.

If you have any questions about hypnosis, please feel free to call us. We enjoy explaining it to people and feel that educating the public is an important facet of our business.



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