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“EMDR” Stands for Eye Movement De-sensitization & Reprocessing.

EMDR is a therapeutic model based on REM (Random Eye Movement) sleep.  In deep sleep, our eyes dart back and forth as our subconscious processes our day.  During this time, whether we remember it or not, our minds are dreaming. This is the deepest, most restful form of sleep. This is a time when we are internalizing our waking, daily experiences and our minds are making sense of them.

EMDR is a therapy that is used to remove the feelings and emotions that are attached to memories that we have so that we are able to live lives of peace and feel less affected by our past.

EMDR is especially useful for trauma.  It is used extensively by the government to aid our troops returning from the violence of war. It is also used to help rape victims, people who have been attacked, or in any way traumatized, whether it be a car wreck or just startled by an unexpected event or presence.

EMDR has years of research to back up it’s effectiveness with alleviating trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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